New short stories

New short stories have been posted… For the same reason any writer will, ultimately, put themselves out there for everyone, risking humiliation, and feeling invalidated as a human being at the risk of mockery, sharing their artistic vision with the world – money.

And just like every other writer, I have that one thing that we, as a united breed, all have in common – lack of business sense, because they’re up here for free.

Art for art’s sake? Either way, enjoy.

Apparently, websites need content.

It has come to my attention that websites require content, not simply putting them up and leaving them dormant for years.

So, in the spirit of doing the absolute minimum, I will be uploading several short, and by short I mean very short, stories of a humorous and amiable nature to delight and entertain the fine folks who aren’t reading this. And trying to figure out formatting errors as I go along!

Click over on the right side where it says ‘short stories’ and they will be over there.


Or not. I won’t know.