The Swan

The Swan


“But you’re a swan…”

The swan nodded its head. It​​ made an obscene gesture​​ with one of its wings.​​ 

Leda folded her arms and stared at the swan, a​​ mixture of emotions​​ brewing​​ on her face.​​ The swan stared back expectantly.​​ 

“You… are… a…​​ swan!”​​ she cried​​ incredulously.

The swan made the obscene gesture​​ again, this time with​​ considerably​​ more enthusiasm. She could have sworn it was smiling.​​ 

Leda​​ stared​​ at the gesticulating swan​​ with eyes wide.​​ Her​​ thoughts​​ then​​ turned to the​​ men back in Sparta.​​ 

She sighed loudly.​​ 

“Oh…​​ hell, why not,” she said as she​​ threw her hands in the air.​​ “I’ll try anything once.​​ What’s the worst that could happen?”

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