C. H. Huey is a writer, musician, audio content creator. He founded Pregnant Swan Productions, https://www.pregnantswan.com

His location remains undisclosed.


Just a note to anyone who is wondering who I am. I’m someone you don’t know. You should probably trust me about as much as you trust someone you don’t know.

I will say however, that I am in it for the money. Not only in it for the money, but I’m definitely in it for the money. I like money. But there is no advertising on this site, so I have absolutely nothing to gain other than exposure, or to send stuff out there for free so you can enjoy it. When I charge, I will make sure you know. I have difficulty shutting up sometimes, so I have a blog.

I also lie and wear a mask like everyone else, but it’s a mask of myself. That’s not meant to be profound.

I hate politics. If I talk about it, it’s because I have to. I’d rather make you laugh, or if I’m at a far enough distance away, make you think so you can’t throw anything at me.

I am not a liberal, I am not a conservative. I make my mind up on an issue by issue basis, but I do believe it to be self-evident that all people are created equal and have rights by virtue of being human, and government exists to secure those rights. I’m not a SJW, or a BLT, or any other thing you might think. Just a VSW – very sexy writer. Did I mention I lie?

I write satire primarily, which is not the same as parody. Satire tells the truth. So does non-fiction. One form is simply in glowing neon lights when it must be.

The unfortunate aspect of all of this, is I can’t join your club so please don’t ask and please don’t invite me in because you’ll kick me out if I see something wrong that ‘the guys’ – that is a generic term for the in-group – just want to look past. Every group wants to do it. I won’t.

I don’t keep an enemies list, and I’m bad with names so if you think that you can come to the site from whatever platform I upset you on and get even with me, I doubt I will remember who you are. I just assume everyone is a friend until otherwise, so don’t bother getting revenge. I won’t notice. I only have grudges against drummers who can’t keep time.

I have zero desire to teach anyone or force them to believe what I say, so I will repeat again – I am a liar. That does not mean I am lying, but it means you might want to think for yourself and research anything I say because believing the right thing is not the same as using your own mind to arrive at the belief in the right thing.

You can end up in the right place by mindlessly following the crowd – that’s not something to brag about.

“Nobody has ever thought himself to death. The chief danger confronting us is not age. It is laziness, sloth, routine, stupidity, — forcing their way in like wind through the shutters, seeping into the cellar like swamp water.” – Gilbert Highet