“My name is Orrin Heatlie. I am the head of the recall movement…” I’m here to help.

A brief note before the brief note:

Top two lead proponents behind the recall are listed as:
Orrin E. Heatlie
Dan Seoane

Seems Dan Seoane likes to sign his name as ‘-d’

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You're missing out
The mysterious ‘-d’ who is listed as one of the proponents behind the Recall, Dan Seoane… also signs his name as ‘-d’


The same Dan Seoane is listed second on the Proponents list, and is associated with the hate group the Three Percenters,

He seems to have been forgotten by the site. Luckily, he’s been found.

Nathan Click, also a campaign strategist for Newsom, pointed to what he described as another tie between recall leaders and the Three Percenters. He said the group’s January newsletter praised work by Dan Seoane, who is listed as the author of the recall campaign’s press releases.

Economy described Seoane as a recall volunteer.”


“Daniel Seoane is an author on the recall campaign’s website and also a member of the Three Percenters. He is listed as one of the proponents of the fifth recall effort submitted on February 21, 2020. The Three Percenters newsletter reported in January 2020 on Seoane and Aaron Bate’s efforts to get recall petitions signed. In a social media video, he can be seen wearing a Three Percenter patch (the Roman numeral three with stars encircling it) while refusing to answer students who asked him what group he’s with.”


In other words, he’s on a list of groups the Canadian Government classifies as a terror group, and the ADL monitors


Oddly enough he’s been purged from their webpage, but can be found via the Internet Archive


He seems to have been purged from the campaign around the time I contacted Orrin Heatlie, but he is listed as the second proponent on the Voter Information Guide. It’s like they are trying to hide the involvement of someone they know is too far right for their public image, but has raised money and was actively volunteering on their website during the same time these emails were sent to me, by the same person who signs his name ‘-d’.

A brief note before

The Recall movement needed 1,495,709 signatures to pass. The final amount of valid signatures they received was 1,626,042. That’s a margin of 130,333 signatures that put it above the minimum. Throughout this post recounting my lovely experience having my voter data used to try and intimidate me, it is worth bearing in mind – if I’d signed, they would have stopped. And they would have had 130,334 more than needed.

How many people signed to make them the escalation stop? The threat level I show is clear – first, insult someone to demean, then exalt yourself as having more influence so you’ll never be heard (aka don’t bother, no one will listen), then, threaten someone by showing you can get to them (violence), and finally, claim that you will send their info to the FBI, despite not having committed any crimes (threats of making up false info to a federal agency).

The RecallGavin2020.com just pissed me off by doing this, and when I get pissed off I push back. How many of those 130,333 votes that put them over the minimum are from people who simply decided it was easier to sign than tolerate a continued escalating series of threats?

Because one thing is clear – if I’d signed their petition, the threats and harassment would have stopped. Navigating the state government is not easy, nor is it fast, and when you see people around you dying, I wouldn’t blame most people for giving in to the heavy handed tactics of thugs.

Because it may be the case that they entire Recall was invalid because voters were coerced by the exact methods that made me file with the state to stop them. As we saw from Jan 6th, with some Republicans, there are no limits to what they will do to win, including violence, and the only sure way to oppose this anti-democratic tactic is to vote no, and wait for the real election that we can insist be intimidation free. Then we, the voters, can know it was a fairly won contest. This Recall cannot ever be that for the reasons below, and why I am putting a bigger target on my back than the one I had on me already. By someone associated with a group that Orrin Heatlie must have known – he’s listed as the second proponent on the Voter Information Guide for the Recall.


It’s a little funny how things can work out sometimes. When you are raised a certain way, you are taught to respect police. I do and still do. But not one, and it’s the man behind the recall. Let me tell you a story with some pictures…

I was minding my own business one day, watching people die of COVID last February and I received an email, about a Recall movement. Oh God, I thought, not again. I remember the last one. That didn’t turn out too well. So, I told the recall movement that I was not interested in what they had to say and would not participate, and to please please leave me alone. I hate politics because people lie, and like many people I responded with some strongly worded language, thinking, that’s that. People who want something from you go away when it’s clear they won’t get it. End of story.

Unfortunately, it was not. I received this as a response.

You're missing out

First off… who the hell says teats?

But yeah, that just seems wrong. Donors paid for that web domain and email address, and that person is using confidential voter information, which is how they got my email. So inquired further… A name would be nice.

And this is the response… no name. But this response.

Fair enough. When I solicit people without their consent using information which, by the way, it is illegal to use this way, I often insist on parity in insults. Wait I don’t harass people because I’m not insane.

Right so that ends tha-

I wonder how the donors would feel about someone at the RecallGavin2020.com campaign who refuses to identify themselves stating that the REASON they get funds is to… harass ‘the likes of me’?

Well, they might actually. So, I bring up that this is not going to end well and has become increasingly alarming to me because this is FROM AN OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN WEBSITE USING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION THE OFFICE OF SECRETARY OF STATE HAS TO GIVE OUT IN CALIFORNIA OR ELSE YOU CAN’T GET IT. SPECIFICALLY, TO PREVENT THIS.

So like any non-psychopath, I’ve already reached out to the RecallGavin2020.com campaign to alert them of this disturbing behavior. And sent this… to point out that they’re really crossing some illegal lines.

Well, I’ve solved it at least. That should make them back off. What else can they d-

OK. Holy crap. Yes, that’s what you think it is.

They actually did that. Fuck me. What the fuck? What the fucking fuck? This is an election, there’s bending rules (like how Orrin will misuse ballot harvesting to discard ballots as he claimed in a youtube video), and then there’s just straight up Mafia ‘you have some nice stuff here crap’.

From people I couldn’t care about less because I had a pet die somewhat recently.

Yeah. So now I’m fully involved and fucking furious.

So, they are now using confidential voter information to send photos of where they believe I live, which, is a threat. So insults, harassment, and now threats to deter me from participating in the democratic process. Since, they really only have that to use IF I were to sign, which I’m clearly not. It’s for address verification.

However, I don’t like threats. And, I’ve done the responsible thing so … I point it out. I’ve got nothing to hide. They do, and they best stop before they go too far.

Surely this person who is using confidential voter info to harass, insult and intimidate me into not using my political voice can’t go any lower, since they are too much of a coward to even tell me who they are, and hide behind the campaign email address. That can’t end well.

At least in the hole they’re in, they can’t keep digging!!!

Fuck me, I stand corrected.

Any time you have to say ‘I have never made any threats to you’ after you’ve sent someone a photo of their registered voter address from a campaign website funded by donors… means you did. AND, now they’re going to make up nonsense about me to send to the FBI because I didn’t do anything wrong. As in, I only said I wouldn’t support them.

So, as it stands, I will be reported to the FBI for NOT supporting the Recall. And there it ends. Or not.

Because to paraphrase a term Republicans love to use, the last thing you want to hear is, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’

So I finally got a text message back from… well the government. Orrin Heatlie is a retired law enforcement officer, and he was here to help.

The thing is – I’m kinda naive. I really thought that whatever our political differences are, the rule of law is going to be unsaid and that if I reasoned with him, then he would make sure I find out who the person is that threatened me, which breaks multiple CA state election laws AND criminal laws… so I give him the benefit of the doubt, not having heard of him before.

In fact, here’s the conversation we had over text message. I’m Orrin Heatlie folks, and I’m here to help.

Well, that clears it up. All I need to do is email him and it’s good to know that in today’s day and age, two Californians can discuss politics, and agree to disagree. This country was built on that. So, why don’t we just handle it ourselves since he did say he’d take care of it, and he’s a former cop. Two Americans. Two Californians, finding common ground. It’s how I grew up, so why not?

Because he’s Orrin Heatlie, and he’s here to help.

So I help him help us both, since clearly, no Recall Campaign can be THAT corrupt. Here’s the info. Including every harassing thing done. He will take care of it – he promised. Otherwise I have to take it to the state and I don’t need that in my life… so here goes. What can go wrong?

Right. So he got it. In fact, I encourage him to process it, make sure I’m not lying. And I wait. And wait. And wait until… hmmm. No, no pendejo, think the best of people, never the worst. Try again.

Maybe he just didn’t have time.

So, Orrin Heatlie email #2 making sure he is aware that he is committing a crime if he doesn’t respond, but we’re not thinking of that, because we appeal to people’s better nature.

Well, these things take time, and I really don’t want to run to complain to the state over this – not my first threat, but the first one done by someone at an official campaign misusing confidential voter information to advance… to advance… a political… agenda.

Wait. Am I being stupid? Am I getting played. Is Orrin Heatlie this ‘-d’ who was harassing me? Is it anyone associated with the campaign, because if I don’t know… it could be anyone. Anyone such as… well you can go here to look it up. Or Dave Gilliard who hides his role in all this. Gotta hide the Trump money and the fact that this little rag-tag gang is using someone who helped win the 2003 elections. Allegedly. So I wait… and I get nervous and I research.

This guy believes Dominion machine frauds? Ashli Babbit is the ‘only person who died’ on Jan 6th? This guy’s a cop. That can’t be right. Oh wait.. this guy knows where I live and knows how to kill me.


Oh crap. Better contact the state.

Well, they’ll just tell me … it’s not a big deal right?


Oops. Big deal it seems. REALLY BIG DEAL.


The state seems to think it’s a big deal. A lot of big state agencies are looking into this and right now the Governor’s Office can’t technically know this, so they have no idea that there is possibly no reason to have a recall since if the Recall Campaign used force to shut me up – I’ll comment on that later…

How exactly do we know the Recall didn’t GET people to sign by threatening them in the above manner…

Don’t blindly email people who have weird complexes that give them some sort of binary approach to reality, of right or wrong, and never ‘not my problem’.

Orrin Heatlie has, as one can see, successfully undermined the entire validity of the Recall by using illegal techniques to get it off the ground… since this was before they had enough signatures.

Also, Mr. ‘-d’, you are stupid. I kept sending you signals that you didn’t pick up on…

Don’t piss off someone who writes satire because we’re goddamn lunatics, with a black and white view of morality. And you’re dirty.

Orrin Heatlie, you’re dirty. That kind of dirt never comes off. I will make sure it stick to everyone has the bright idea of harassing another human being using confidential voter information and if you wanna kill me – clearly, you have some thoughts since I was sent a photo of where I live…

Come get me asshole. Everyone else – THIS IS YOUR CALIFORNIA RECALL IN ACTION. You signed on to this without knowing…

This is the truth because it weren’t, they could’ve disputed it. And no one did. They all received copies via Orrin Heatlie and not ONE SINGLE PERSON said ‘hey… I didn’t say that.’ So they said it.

And Orrin, I gave you a fair shot to believe you actually cared about this country, and this state. For you I have the most contempt, and I hope you enjoy your time in prison.

Feel free to contact me with your ‘RecallGavin2020.com harassed me stories.’ I bet there will be more coming out.

Damndest thing. If you just don’t do anything wrong… you don’t have anything to hide. And when someone comes along and offers you the shot to get rid of someone caught doing something illegal and you don’t… what does that say about you?

Oh Orrin, what have you done?
You’ve made a fool of everyone
Of everyone….

I was just minding my own business and now, well. You’ll get what’s coming with that many agencies I’m showing that have looked into it. What haven’t I shown you about who else is looking into it?